Quiet Time; Are you Mary or Martha?

As mothers, business women, wives, and daughters, we feel Martha’s pain all too well, she just wanted a little help. With so many people in our lives there is so much to do and even more expected from us but rarely enough time or energy to do it all.

Often times I wonder which of the sisters would I be like if Jesus showed up at my house. My love for God and His Word makes me believe that I would have been sitting at His feet soaking up all the knowledge He taught, but if I’m honest with myself, I let life distract me from His amazing presence all the time. So can I really say I would  have been any different from Martha?

There have been times that I have chosen not to give God’s word my undivided attention because I needed to get this or that done. I have also let my personality talk me into to focusing on task instead of fellowship but the reality is, finding time to intentionally experience God is and should always be my first priority.

Some seasons of life make it hard to set aside a specific time that we can focus on God and His word each day but carving out intentional time everyday will help fill your mind, heart, and soul with Him so that you’re equipped to handle what the day brings. Personally it also prepares me to be able to comfort my friends with the right choice of words when they are going through trials because I suck at on the spot communication. 

Yes, God’s presence is continuous throughout the day and all you have to do is look to Him to receive it, but I think to get that deep connection we need to do exactly what Mary did: stop what we’re doing and quietly sit at his feet and listen even if it’s just while you take a quick shower. 

Here’s to hoping that I continue to choose Him even though I feel like there is too much to do. Here’s to hoping that you do the same.



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