Relationships, who needs them?

I am the most introverted person in the world, I could literally live on an island by myself and be just fine with that but I would still need to have occasional contact with those that I love because we all need some type of companionship whether we believe that or not.

Relationships of all kinds help shape the type of person we are, we were, or we want to be and there is no argument in the fact that that’s a good and a bad thing.

The biggest problem many of us face is how we allow relationships to shape us. The bad ones leave a bitter taste, the good ones leave us longing, and the mediocre ones leave us contemplating if any of it is worth the trouble.

This portion of the blog will be dedicated to exploring, cultivating, and eliminating relationships in our lives.

I am a huge advocate of loving those that you love effectively (be it husband, beau, friends, and/or family) and letting go of relationships that are unproductive or destructive and I hope to extend that level of contentment to you.

Stay Tuned For Articles and Discussions…



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