The Journey Begins

Life has a funny way of challenging us, sometimes those challenges are beautiful and fun to go through and then other times they are strenuous and heartbreaking. Like many women, I have had my fair share of both and through God’s grace, I can now say that I am happy internally. Not the “and they lived happily ever after without any problems whatsoever” happiness that they sold us when we were little girls, but real happiness that isn’t centered around the life season that I am in but in the strength of God. I am content with surrendering myself and my problems to God and His will and this act of vulnerability has afforded me many things like conquering depression, effectively battling anxiety, a better marriage, happier kids, and my own joy.

On this site you will read about my own journey, my backseat rides in other people’s journeys, ways to effectively master your own journey, and the life that moves around us as we do those things.

I will talk a lot about using your personality types to help you get past your toughest obstacles and develop your best self. There are many different tests you can take to find out your personality type but I personally use Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Love Languages, and Strength Finders because they were breathtakingly accurate and those are the ones that I felt I comprehended the best.

I wish many things for this movement but mostly that you find yourself, develop yourself, and love yourself.

You can find Grace, Life, and Tea on Twitter, Facebook,  and Instagram @gracelifeandtea


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