What’s Making You Happy?

Here recently I have been making a bunch of transitions and they’ve been crazy ones like..

I left my very roomy house and moved back to my home state into my stepdad’s very tiny rental house, in order to help my family through some major life changes. For 9 months I got to spend time with family members that I had been away from for 7 years, I got to be there for so many good life events, my kids got to experience cousin sleepovers, and grandparent pop-ups but it was hard on me.

To know me is to know that I would prefer living in a desert over living near a bunch of people that I know and I know some really great people, I just don’t like to be really great with them all the time. 

Well after that really great but really strenuous time with family, my husband and I bought a home states away and in the country just in time for my favorite season to come…FALL!!


That’s important because… its part of what’s making me happy all the time. Getting ready for fall, experiencing fall, and reminiscing about fall. 

Right now being able to sit on my porch, in my rocking chair, with a hot cup of tea is making me extremely happy. Also, taking pictures of the kids and the landscape around us is sending me to the moon. 

So what’s making you happy? Whatever it is, do that. Make time for it no matter how deep or shallow. We all need a little happiness every once and awhile.



2 thoughts on “What’s Making You Happy?

  1. Hey Cousin!!! I recently have made some changes to ensure my continued happiness. Last week, I sent in my notice that I will not be returning to the college after this semester. I took a leap of faith and was immediately blessed with a contract for a non-profit organization. It seems as though God was waiting on me to completely let go, and I did!! Love the post! 😘


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