Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I have a love/hate relationship with classics (the grammar is usually horrible, and/or hard to sit through) but like all classics, there are so many life themes (or dare I say lessons) brought to the table in Jane Eyre that I couldn’t help but keep reading. A tale of an orphan girl who transitions into a disciplined woman with nothing more than her self-respect and strong will to get her through life. Charlotte Brunte reminds us that despite hardships life will come full circle, even if full circle isn’t what we had hoped for.

Image Captured From Goodreads

If you want to read a book about growth, transitions, choices, and gratitude, don’t just add this to your “to be read” pile, put it on top. As plain as Jane is she just might be the most beautiful character I’ve ever read about.


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Just another queen trying to run a house, teach her kids, and stay true to herself.

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