Quick Tip Tuesday: 7 Chores for Toddlers

Children are never too young to learn to do chores and personally I think that the earlier you get them accustomed to chores, they are less likely to resent them (until they are teens).

As soon as a child is able to walk around and safely hold an object at the same time you should begin to encourage them to put their toys away. By doing this you begin to teach them that everything has a place and it helps them get accustom to a routine.

With tons or guidance and praise before you know it your little one will be putting things away without you prompting them to do so.

Here are some other things that your toddler can do to help around the house and learn responsibility simultaneously:

Quick Tip Tuesday (2)

Remember to be consistent but don’t expect perfection, they’re still your little chicken nuggets.

C. Janelle


Published by Just Another Queen

Just another queen trying to run a house, teach her kids, and stay true to herself.

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip Tuesday: 7 Chores for Toddlers

  1. Its necessary to catch them young on this, as it’s going make a huge impact on their outlook on life.Thanks for this.


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